Freestanding Laundry Basket Closet

We have a special treat for you today! My friend Jen who also helps with video editing and website maintenance, built from her own design the amazing freestanding laundry basket tower! He was happy to offer to share the plans! Thanks Jen!

From Jen:

Hi Jen, a friend of Ana’s, we have also worked together for the last 10 years, she has been so inspiring in my life and building projects!

My 3 kids and I are in a temporary living situation and the interior we live in needs a closet, so I found this design based around the laundry in Ana’s closet and the his pallirondack plans.

I built 2 units, I had to find out first when I went, along with the laundry baskets I bought.

I found these laundry baskets at a cost of $ 2 each at Target.

How much did it cost to build it?

At the cost of wood, I like to use the main materials and not spend a ton of money. I made 2 for about $ 150.

In addition to buying laundry baskets before construction, I also purchased 4 20 “x 36” panel projects at a cost of $ 16 each, so I knew I had to include those in overall plan. Of course you can build your own panel with 1 by material and Pocket Holes.

Should I use Pocket Holes?

No, you can build any way!

The first unit I built, I used 2 1/2 ′ ′ screws, countersunk, wood drilled holes and stained once assembled.

Once I was the first to build I wanted to work more enthusiastically, so I decided to pre-sand and stain all my boards and use the pocket to build the hole in the second unit and make it work more. very much once I know all the measurements except.

The beauty is, it can be done any way!

On Tires?

Finally, once I saw it assemble, I thought, “How cool is it in the laundry container with a lower shelf with tall shelves and some casters!” Have fun with this!

Let’s go build!

I’ve included a video with some tips and tricks I learned during build to help, if you built it!


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