French Cleat Modular Closet System

Modular wardrobe components

By using different organizers, you can create the wardrobe of your dreams! Here are the standard modular wardrobe components.

DIY modular closet plans

All components are built with the same steps, the only difference is the length of the sides and the number of shelves. Follow the construction steps below, but use the diagrams to create your cut list.

modular closet organizer that hangs on a shelf

modular closet organizer 2 shelves

modular closet organizer 3 shelves

modular closet organizer double hanging

modular closet organizer 5 shelf tower

modular closet filler pieces

Recommended Materials for Modular Closet Carcasses

You can use a variety of different materials to make your wardrobe components. As shown, I used 3/4″ hardwood plywood, cut to 11-1/4″ wide, with the front edges finished with an iron edge banding. All cuts are simply cross cuts as shown in the component diagrams.

  • 1×12 Whitewood Board
  • 3/4″ plywood, torn to desired width (no more than 16″) and front edges taped
  • 12″ or 14″ prefinished closet shelving boards

Rip Width for Carcass Pieces (if using plywood)

I cut my closet pieces to 11-1/4″ (like 1×12) and built (as shown).

However, it is not a deep shelf, and may not be suitable for folding long pants. For a larger person using the closet consider a 14″ or 16″ plywood rip. Do not go over 16″ – as it will be too heavy for this type of hanging.

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