From Public Schools to the Parenthood Plan, Liberals are hurting Our Children

How would you react if your teenage daughter was abused in a high school bathroom by a student who gained access by “identifying” as a woman?

Loudoun County, V., father Scott Smith faced this difficulty last year and tried to confront school officials about it – only to be forcibly removed from a board meeting.

Reports now suggest that Loudoun County school officials not only silenced Mr. Smith – but also tried to cover up the alleged crime by transferring the suspect to a school – where he reportedly attacked another maiden.

How does this happen?

Terrifyingly, a disturbing trend has emerged in America and around the world-there is an onslaught of children of every age and stage of development. As a father, it boiled my blood with righteous indignation and anger.

Despite the growing division and ideological cultural fragmentation, one would think that we would find consensus on the need to protect and safeguard innocent children.

After all, surely liberals love children as much as conservatives love, yes?

Unfortunately, this is not as the cause.

Crime and hiding in Loudoun County is just the latest manifestation of this war on children. It ignites and stores energy for decades.

The truth is the most dangerous place for a child these days is inside the womb of a woman contemplating abortion.

Even if it becomes childish – and nearly a million in the United States don’t every year – children today are often treated as a political expense in a game for power.

Actually, I was one of the kids back then. After my mother passed away at the age of nine and was abandoned by my stepfather, I was taken to the California care system. These kinds of government -sponsored programs are often run by good people, but their hands are always tied with political red tape.

At the end of the day, the kids get hurt.

In 2006, Catholic Charities in Boston stopped working in the adoption space after being forced to place children with same-sex couples. At the time, the group issued a statement saying, “Despite much effort and analysis, Catholic Charities have found that it does not align with church teaching, which guides our work and Commonwealth laws and regulations.”

It doesn’t matter that the group puts hundreds of children in endless homes. In the state, the good people of Boston are parishes – and the waiting kids in New England are paying the price.

In June of this year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia, facing a similar threat shutting down the charity in Boston. Thankfully, the decision was unanimous in favor of CCS.

Whether it’s unborn babies or children caught in the labyrinth of a poor care system, why do so many elites constantly persist or make policies that prove to be harmful to most innocent and helpless of us?

As I see the root of the destructive pattern it is a misconception that the government is better aware – and that they have the ability to solve difficult and complex problems and challenges than we do.

In fact, with a few exceptions, the government has made everything worse.

As a Christian, I accept Jesus’ biblical command to “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Mark 12:17). At the same time, the Bible regularly warns against bad government:

“When the righteous are increased, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan” (Proverbs 29: 2).

“Like a roaring lion or a bear is the wicked ruler of the poor” (Proverbs 28:15).

I have long appreciated the apostle Paul’s admonition and admonition to “Avoid foolish controversies” – saying that they can be “unprofitable and vain” (Titus 3: 9-11).

But when it comes to protecting and defending innocent children, I will not remain silent. We stand together with Scott Smith and every other father who risks his life to protect his son or daughter. What happened is unthinkable – and we have to call it that.

Placed Parenthood received more than $ 600 million in taxpayer funding last year. How can we accept that immoral behavior? With more than 62 million children lost to abortion since 1973, we have an obligation to speak up and come out to protect those without a voice or vote.

This war on children is one of many decades and liberals are now endorsing policies that hurt the most vulnerable. The war cannot be won overnight. We don’t win every war – but at Focus on the Family, we never tire of defending and protecting innocent children. Please join me in praying for courage for mothers and fathers in the front lines – and for protection for the children now caught in the crosshair.

Photo from Fox News.

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