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Easter Sunday in 1972. Raul Ries is in the middle of his living room holding a rifle, waiting for his family to come home so he can kill them.

Raul is no stranger to violence. His alcoholic father abused him, contributing to Raul being and not in trouble throughout his childhood. At the age of eighteen, he was arrested and given a choice: prison or military. He chose the Marines and Vietnam. After 11 months of destructive behavior, Raul was bound in chains and a straitjacket and spent six months in a maritime hospital.

Once he was released, Raul immediately returned to his old way of life. He physically abused his wife – she was pushed, kicked, punched, and punched. When he decided to leave her, Raul decided he wouldn’t let that happen. Which is when he decided to kill his wife and children and then joined the police in a shootout.

That Easter morning while he was waiting for his family, he got angry and ruined everything in the house. When he hit the television with the shot of his rifle, it turned on. At that moment, a preacher in the air was talking about Jesus. Raul stopped. And listened. The pastor’s words brought Raul to his knees, and he prayed the sinner’s prayer.

Right on the floor of his living room Raul’s remarkable transformation began.

Her story is shocking, and I invite you to listen to it on our Family Broadcast Focus ”From Usikan to Pastor. ” Listen to how God changes his heart by replacing hatred and violence with love.

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Raul Ries is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA, and President of Somebody Loves You Ministries.

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