Fun Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament

Who is willing to make a decorative mini wooden Candy cane? This is a great project for the holidays. It’s easy to do and it looks great! Kids love to make these beautiful ornaments to hang on their trees. Do it with the kids at home or use it as part of a school holiday party. You may even have children make it for gifts for the family.

little red and white tree shape christmas decoration hanging on tree by white snowflake decoration

Candy Cane Mini Tree Ornament

Making is a great way to celebrate every season. This mini tree decoration is no exception. Not only does this candy cane decoration look great on wood, but it’s also so much fun to make. With very simple making materials, kids make these decorations for everyone they know. Be sure to date back so you can find out when your kids made their beautiful mini Christmas tree decorations.

With it, you can make it attractive decorative candy pepper stick or even it’s rustic candy cane wrapped in string. Make your whole tree a beautiful peppermint -themed decoration this year!

reindeer red and white decoration on white table

What Can I Use to Make a Candy Cane Look?

Choosing what materials to make the candy cane look is easy. You can use anything from colorful paper, felt or even cardboard. Recycling old paint samples is another woodworking option. Even white paper that is painted or colored can also be used. I

like the glitter look to make these mini candy cane decorations, but don’t have to use foam paper. If you prefer, you can check out most crafts stores to find glitter felt, foam paper, or scrapbook paper like mine.

If you want to help make this craft take longer to make, you can have the kids design the paper themselves. They can color or paint the paper white. Then they can add more glitter. If you want the candies to be a bit stiff, you can glue them to the cardboard or brush them with the Mod Podge.

paper candy cane striped mini tree ornament placed on holiday themed paper

What Shape Do I Cut into Pieces of Wood?

You want to cut pieces of mini wood decoration into hearts. Cut them to different sizes to give the wood a smaller look at the top and larger at the bottom. You and the kids can cut hearts by hand, cookie cutters like I did, or use a different sized heart hole punch. These are usually located around the craft store’s scrapbooking materials, or you can order them online.

green on red check tablecloth with candy tube with striped mini wood decoration on top

Should I Raise a Rudolph?

I think Rudolph added a cute touch to this mini Christmas tree decoration though, you can add whatever you want. Things like classic stars, angels, or even a jingle bell look great on top. Of course, you can leave it simple and hang it with a ribbon or string with no other decoration.

You can also add things like ornaments, sequins and other items to the mini wood decoration. What you add to your tree is up to you or your children. Let all the trees match or make each its own version. There are so many options and it makes this such a great craft you make with the kids that they will feel proud to make it truly unique as theirs!

female blue holding red and white jewelry

Can Kids Do It?

This is a fun craft that kids can do. You want to look at little kids with scissors or you want to cut hearts first for them. Paper punches are very easy for kids to use if you want kids to do it on their own.

You also want to make sure you are using baby safe adhesive. I recommend using a white school glue or white crafting glue. Children should not use a hot glue gun because of the risk of injury and burns. They can, however, be able to use other non -toxic adhesives. Or, my favorite option is to use leather and stick foam paper so no glue is needed, only their leather is needed to put it on the craft stick before hanging!

red and white striped mini wood shape decoration laid out on blue paper with white holiday decorations

Supplies are needed

red paper white paper cookie cutter beads and scissors on white table

How to Make a Candy Cane Mini Tree Ornament

Using a medium size cookie cutter, trace a heart and cut out the white paper then separate.

blue scissors cutting heart out of craft paper

Do the same with the largest and smallest heart shapes and discard heart shapes.

Stick the largest heart, upside down with the point facing up, about 1 ″ from the base of the craft stick.

Stick the white heart just on top of that.

finger holding white paper heart craft stick

And then add the smallest red heart on top creating a two -color tree.

finger holding red paper craft stick

Make a loop of yarn and tie the end then glue it on top of the craft stick.

hand holding a glue gun over red and white striped mini tree ornament

Place a small reindeer or a star shape on top of the “tree”.

red berry placed on top of mini tree decoration

You can write the name, message, or date of the year made on the exposed part of the craft stick.

hand write a name on the craft stick

Hang it on your Christmas tree!

mini tree-shaped decoration with red and white stripes held by woman wearing a blue sweater

More Fun Christmas Ornament Tutorials

Handmade decorations don’t have to be a complicated project. They can, inf act, be a fun and simple option like this one. I love how it’s done, and you know you can too, but if you want a lot of ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few more of my personal favorites that are sure to be a hit on your tree this year. Make sure you bookmark, pin on Pinterest, or print these instructions to get it done right away!

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mini tree shaped candy cane ornament on christmas tree

Make an adorable little candy cane reindeer ornament with just a few craft items to hang on the tree! A great idea for kids to help make!

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Make them in different sizes to add a unique look around your holiday tree and decorations.

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Completed Project Gallery

red and white wooden decoration on white table

Hang it on your tree or use it as a gift tag for children’s gifts.

red and white tree shaped decorations with christmas greenery

You can even make it bigger and put on a dowel rod to keep your path ahead!

female blue holding red and white jewelry

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