Gabby Petito’s Case: Brian Laundrie MIA’s Parents During the Lawsuit Hearing

The legal fight between the parents of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito continued.

On June 22, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie did not attend the first court hearing of the civil case filed against them of the Petito family, per People. The couple is not legally required to attend the hearing — which will determine whether the case will be filed — despite Gabby’s parents Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt attended.

During the hearing, judge Hunter Carroll heard arguments from two lawyers and later shared that he expects to make a decision within the next two weeks, CNN reports.

E! The news reached the Laundrie family attorney for comment.

In March, the Petito family filed a lawsuit against the Battles for the alleged to help their son try to cover up Gabby’s death.

In their complaint, Gabby’s parents alleged that Christopher and Roberta “hid Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts” and “made arrangements for him to leave the country” after he disappeared in September during the search for the missing Gabby. They demanded “compensation for the injuries they suffered” along with additional relief, according to the docs.

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