Gabrielle Union Explains Why Telling The Truth Season 3 Is Personal

For inspiration in the third season of Tell the Truthall Gabrielle Union must do is look around.

The actress joined the cast of the drama on Apple TV+ in its third season, premiering on January 20, stars Octavia Spencer as podcaster and journalist Poppy Parnell. In the third season, Gabrielle plays Eva, “an extraordinary principal,” according to the streamer, who works to keep the names of missing Black and brown women out of the headlines while the “chase leads to a suspected sex trafficking ring.”

In an exclusive interview with E! news’ Justin SylvesterGabrielle explained how the topic of time mirrored the actual conversation she and her husband had. Dwyane Wade have with their own children.

“We need to cover this early,” Gabrielle said. “We live in port cities. Port cities are hubs for human trafficking. You might think you can price your way or educate your way or high socioeconomic status your way out of risk, and you really can’t. That’s your first mistake.”

Gabrielle and Dwyane have a daughter Shave James4, and Gabrielle is the child’s step-mother Zaire20, daughter He will do it15 and a child Xavier9. Dwyane is also the legal guardian of his niece, David Morris21.

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