Gadot Confirms Whedon Threatens His Career During Justice League Changes

Gal Gadot confirmed earlier reports that Joss Whedon threatened his career on the Justice League set after he replaced for Zack Snyder.

Gal Gadot confirmed reports that director Joss Whedon threatened his career on the set of Justice League. Whedon took over the management of the film’s duties after Zack Snyder left the post-production project, doing reshoots and rewrites that drastically changed more than half of the film. Whedon’s changes were not accepted, with Justice League lambasted by critics and fans. They’re not the only ones who don’t like the direction the film is taking.

Reports came out earlier this year that Whedon threatened Gadot’s career because the actress said she didn’t like how she changed the Wonder Woman character. Wanting to make sure his character makes sense in many of the DCEU movies he sees, Gadot isn’t happy that Whedon has made his character even more aggressive. It is also said that the director pushed him to record lines he did not like and was told it was bad. Wonderful Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Speaking to N12 magazine (by ComicBook), Gadot confirmed reports that Whedon was actually threatening to ruin his career. The actress did not detail what the set was saying Justice League, but revealed that he told her he was going to make his career “destitute. “As previous reports show, Gadot claims to have taken care of it himself.

A kind of he threatened my career and said if I had to do anything, he would make my career miserable and I would take care of it instead.

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Source: N12 (via ComicBook)

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