Gattaca Series in the Works on Showtime

According to differentShowtime is currently developing a series adaptation of Sony Pictures’ 1997 sci-fi thriller Gattaca. The project originated from homeland creators Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon.

the Gattaca The series will be executive produced by Gansa, Gordon, and Craig Borten, with Gansa also serving as showrunner. The project is also being produced by Sony Pictures Television for Showtime. More details about its plot and characters are still under wraps.

“Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Alan Arkin, and Jude Law star in this entertaining sci-fi thriller about a superhuman who dares to defy a system obsessed with genetic perfection. The Hawke stars as Vincent, an ‘In-Valid’ who assumes the identity of a member of the genetic elite to pursue his goal of space travel with the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation,” reads the synopsis for the original . “However, a week before his mission, a murder marks Vincent as a suspect. With the relentless investigator in pursuit and the partner he loves beginning to suspect his deception, Vincent’s dreams continue to be shattered. UHD synopsis As one of the last “natural” creatures born of a genetically engineered world, Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) has none of the “pre-ordered” DNA that can guarantee him success. Desperate to fulfill his dream of space exploration, Vincent assumes the identity of a genetically superior athlete (Jude Law). Avoiding detection with the athlete’s genetic marker, Vincent becomes a rising star in Gattaca Aer ”

Despite being a box office disappointment with a domestic gross of over $12 million against a reported budget of $36 million, Gattaca was well received by critics for its thought-provoking sci-fi story. The upcoming Showtime adaptation is not Sony Pictures Television’s first attempt at adapting a film into a series. In 2009, the studio tried to make a police procedural drama based on the 1997 cult classic.

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