George A. Romero’s Last Zombie Film, Twilight of the Dead, Is About to See Release

The dead will be resurrected. The Hollywood Reporter is there an unfinished treatment for George A. Romerolast zombie zombie, Twilight of the Dead, now employed by his widow Suzanne Romero.

Before his death from lung cancer in 2017, Romero’s growth began Twilight of the Dead as the last entry in his landmark zombie series that began in the 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. He and the scriptwriter / producer Paolo Zelati (The Temporary Show) writes a treatment for the proposed concluding chapter of It’s dead franchise, but they never brought it to the scripting stage before Romero died.

After her husband’s departure, Suzanne Romero gave Zelati permission to continue developing the script. “I give him my full blessing as long as I’m there every step of the way so that it stays true in George’s vision,” Romero said. THR. “We had a solid treat and the start of the script. I can say 100 percent that George is very happy to see this going on. He wants this to be his last seal in the zombie genre.”

Zelati brings in screenwriters / producers Joe Crackling (Blind) ug Robert L. Lucas (One for Fire: The Remnant of the Night of the Living Dead) to help bring rotten tissue to the treated bones. For Luke’s particular part, the opportunity to develop the “last piece of the puzzle of the dead universe” is like fulfilling a life dream.

Twilight of the Dead is said to be taken after the events of Romero’s 2005 film Land of the Dead, which sees the intelligent zombie leader Big Daddy carrying a horde of undead soldiers away from the crowd. As Zelati said, “It all started with my question to him:‘ Where will the zombies go in the end of Land of the Dead? ‘”

The logline for the new flick reveals, “The story is set in a ruined world. Life is just lost. Yet there is hope for humanity.”

Romero made two more zombie movies that followed earth, 2007’s Diary of the Dead and 2009’s Salvation of the Dead. Even if supposedly put the same It’s dead universe, Romero never considered the two films part of the much larger story that began with Night of the Living Dead and continued in 1978 Dawn of the DeadIn 1985 Day of the Dead, ug Land of the Dead.

“It’s no secret that Diary and salvation Not in the way he envisioned the end of the series and George knows it very well, ”Zelati explains. “Twilight of the Dead is his farewell to the genre he makes and wants to come out with a strong film. “

With the script nearing completion, Suzanne Romero will now go out to find a director to live out her late husband’s final vision-so to speak.

Suzanne Romero says, “This is the film she wants to make and while others will carry the torch as director, it’s a George A. Romero film.”

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