Get a $39 Deal on $118 Value of Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Products

Looking for more information in front of you STORE? Here are some rave reviews of each of these Peter Thomas Roth face masks.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Reviews

“One of my favorite face products. My skin looks GORGEOUS after using it. The smell is great and the enzymes are powerful. I have recommended it to many friends who are also faithfully using it now,” one shopper said. sprung.

Another shared, “Enzymes work hard to remove dead skin and impurities that clog facial pores. After you wash off the mask, your skin feels squeaky clean!”

Someone said, “This mask is amazing! My skin feels like velvet after I use it, and that’s saying a lot.”

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Mask Reviews

“I really like this mask! Thanks, PTR! It’s great for cooling and soothing my sensitive skin that gets red easily. It’s also great for deeply moisturizing my skin for days. I love wearing it It’s my house and it looks like a new face,” one shopper said WRITES.

Someone stated, “This is the most refreshing, hydrating and cooling mask I have ever used. I saw results immediately. My dry skin is shiny and happy! The cooling sensation after a few seconds is felt that’s good and it’s calming. it’s EVERYTHING! It’s a glass of water for your face!”

One reviewer shared, “Love this product especially someone who struggles with very sensitive skin!”

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Reviews

“Magical cream!!!!! It helps hydrate the skin in a magical way,” one shopper said examined.

Another wrote, “It’s a weird dream that I found it at 30. But at 64 it makes me feel like I’m 30 again oh and I almost watch it.”

One person gushed, “I just want to say that my skin looks amazing the next day after using it. If you have somewhere to go on a date to a big event whatever you want to put your best face forward use a 24 karat gold mask the day before and the next day your skin will look great I’m 43 and I love this stuff so much compliments on my skin.”

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