Getting McDonald’s Limited Edition Pokémon Packaging In Hong Kong

McDonald’s in Hong Kong has launched a new series of Pokemon menu items, including a drink and make-up, served with Pikachu and Pokeball packaging.

the Pokémon This year’s 25th anniversary celebration continues with a new collection of Pokémon-themed items at McDonald’s in Hong Kong. The fast-food restaurant recently launched a new meal, a new drink, and new desserts, all served in Pikachu and Pokéball packs. As fans know, this collaboration marks The Pokémon Company’s second McDonald’s effort this year, as the restaurant was previously included exclusively Pokémon 25th anniversary of the Happy Eating trading card.

Throughout the year, the Pokémon Company celebrates 25 years of outstanding success Pokémon franchise. The millennium anniversary to date has been marked by numerous brand collaborations, including Levi’s, Mattel, Funko, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and more. The company even hosts a free concert at the Post Malone back in February to kick off the festivities, followed by a Universal Music Group with Katy Perry and other UMG artists. The celebration so far has been a blast for Pokémon fans, and there’s no sign that it will slow down any hour soon.

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The most recent launch of the celebration was held as an exclusive at McDonald’s Hong Kong. As reported by Nintendo Soup, McDonald’s “FAN-tastic campaign“there are many new menu items. Some highlights include”Gillette Crispy Chicken Rice, Savory Tomato-Flavored Shake Shake Fries, Apple Custard, and White Peach Special Drink.“These foods will only be available at locations selected by McDonald’s in Hong Kong and will be available for a limited time, as long as supplies last.

The officer McDonald’s the campaign page shares a glimpse of some of the surprises Pokémon packaging, including a Pokéball box for the fries and a cup with a Pikachu pattern for the drink. The Banana Chocolate McFlurry and Apple Custard Pie dessert will be served in yellow packaging with a large Pikachu face on the front. The whole meal will be delivered in a Pikachu box.

Because of the popularity of others Pokémon This year’s cooperation, it looks like McDonald’s menu items will sell out faster than one can say ”they must all be arrested.“The cup of Pikachu and the box of Pokéball fries will make awesome additions to any Pokémon fan collection, after. Of course, collaboration can also attract scalpers, such as McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Eating done. Scalpers buy a lot of Happy Foods at a time to get Pokémon the trading cards inside, leaving very little food available for fans who just want something new for the collector. McDonald’s has been forced to restrict the purchase of Happy Meal in some locations because of this.

No one said how the new reaction would be Pokémon menu item at McDonald’s. Hong Kong fans may want to get their hands on the products as soon as possible, just in case.

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Origin: McDonald’s (by Nintendo Soup)

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