GM issues back-to-office mandate for remote workers

General Motors Co. has become the latest company to ask corporate employees to return to the office at least part time.

Employees working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to “pivot to a more regular in-person work cycle,” which includes three days on the GM campus per week, it said. a spokesman said Friday. The return-to-office order will take effect later this year, the spokesman said.

“We are committed to maintaining flexibility to ensure our employees can attend personal commitments,” the spokesperson said. “We will share the details with them in the coming weeks.”

Detroit-based GM joins a long list of corporations, including Apple Inc., Peloton Interactive Inc. and Comcast Corp.which has required workers since Labor Day to return to offices several days a week.

GM, like much of the auto industry, is allowing white-collar workers to log in remotely under a “good job” strategy during the pandemic.

Ford Motor Co. said Saturday it is keeping a “flexible hybrid” model that requires only salaried workers to show up in person for group meetings. Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. offers its corporate employees the option to work from home at all times.

These policies are very different from Tesla Inc.where Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk ordered workers in June to spend 40 hours per week in the office and dismissed remote work as “hypocrisy.”

While many CEOs remain critical of remote work, others RESEARCH REVEALS shows that people who work from home are just as productive and generally more satisfied than office workers.

However, the ability to work remotely presents a wrinkle for companies with a mix of white-collar and frontline workers: Management must walk a fine line if they expect to be flexible with some employees and not with others.

GM employs more than 94,000 people in the US, including about 2,300 workers at its Detroit Renaissance Center global headquarters, according to the company’s website.

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