Going Individual with Partner Bonnaroo, Senior VP of HBO Max, Clairo’s Dad: Watch

consequencescollaboration with CREATV University continues to now have a great deal of understanding of how to succeed in the entertainment, tech, and media industries. Now, we’re back with some helpful tips about Breaking Into the Industry.

As in many states, there is no one “way” that anyone can get to get their foot in the door. However, there are many ways to find opportunities that can take your career to the next level. It’s always helpful to see where different people come from, the decisions they make, and the opportunities they take that lead to their career aspirations.

For this week’s set of CREATV U videos, we shared four clips from successful industry professionals outlining the different paths they have followed in their industry. In these interviews, you will learn about the steps and actions that some of the biggest names in music and entertainment have taken to put themselves in the best position so that they can succeed first in their races.

Check out the clips from Superfly and Bonnaroo co-founder Rick Farman, Senior VP of Content Strategy at Warner & HBO Max Jennie Morris, Trioscope Studios Founder & CEO LC Crowley, and former Chief Marketing Officer at Converse and Coca-Cola (and Clairodad’s!) Geoff Cottrill. Returning to consequences every other week for more insights from CREATV University.

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