Good Scott! 30 Secrets of the Return of the Future Revealed

23. Crispin Glover, who played Marty’s father George McFy, did not return for successions due to contract conflicts. The actor will file a lawsuit immediately after the filmmakers used footage from the first film and molded his face to another actor “to fool viewers into thinking I was in the movie,” he said. she The Opie and Anthony Show.

Later, a settlement was reached, with The Hollywood Reporter reported that he received $ 760,000 in orders from the company that insured Universal.

24. Lea Thompson honored his turn in the 1984’s The Wild Life for taking on her in the role of Lorraine, Marty’s mother, because “they were looking at Eric Stoltz for Marty McFly, and they were, like, ‘Who’s the girl?’ That’s how I got the first audition for that, ”he said The AV Club.

25. In the original script, Lorraine’s name was Meg.

26. To get Lorraine’s look in 1985, Thompson’s floral makeup lasted three and a half hours to apply.

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