Gotham Knights Allow 2 Nightwings to Roam the Largest Gotham in the Game

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Gotham Knights Executive Producer Fleur Marty and Game Director Geoff Ellenor chatted about how they brought a unique vision of Gotham in a post-Arkham scene. Not only will this new game from WB Games Montréal focus on co-op action between a pair of Bruce Wayne wards, but they will also be able to explore the largest representation of Gotham City in the history of play.

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Like many games open in the world before it, Gotham Knights bets are large on the size of the playable around it. Robin, Nightwing, and others will wander across the open city using customizable Batcycles before launching into fights. Marty said they focus on “density and verticality” for the city, ensuring the explorable space has multiple layers to discover as players explore. The WB shows some of this world in the latest gameplay demo.

One surprise that some won’t see to come is that a co-op session can include multiple heroes of the same Bat-Family hero. Ellenor confirmed that the rosters during the co-op could be “as weird as you’d like,” allowing two of any of the characters to work together to get a little belly up. Gotham. Marty also said that at least one point in the game reacts to teams with a lot of the same character. It’s a comic universe, so a pseudoscientific explanation involving some sort of multiverse or crossover might be appropriate.

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Gotham Knights is one of the few big games that still holds the 2022 release date, and it is also one of the games that is firmly launching the next generation through earlier versions on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players will be ready to team up with a friend to find out who the best Red Hood is when the game launches Oct. 25 on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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