Grandaddy announces the Sumday 20th Anniversary Box Set

After years of hammering away at writing and recording as Grandaddy, In a few days seems to be the center of it and where it comes first. To journalists, we are, “On the verge of greatness, underrated, overlooked, unsung.” It’s a tumultuous and exciting time for us for sure. It’s also very tiring.

Revisiting this material and reflecting on those times is a double-edged sword. Bittersweet is an appropriate word, I believe. Twenty years after the fact, I’m just thankful to be alive and kicking… celebrating that moment by releasing the original album, B-sides and extras from that era, and even some raw cassette demos of the album itself a kind of sketchbook/rough draft of the LP in cassette form. So that’s it. “On the cusp of greatness, humbled, ignored, unknown.” This is how it all sounds. I’ll take it.

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