Great Heaven: The 10 Strongest Characters

If a series is centered on tracking down killers or kidnappers, as most crime shows, there is no saying that most characters need to be brave. They must be willing to stand up for themselves and for other people in dangerous situations. Courage, even in a series like Great Heaven, however, does not always come with a willingness to put oneself in danger.

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on Great Heaven, Courage also refers to characters who are willing to face situations that frighten them, being able to keep their senses about them when everything around them is a trauma -filled dream. It also means being willing to disagree with others if instincts lead the behavior in a different way.

10 Danielle

There aren’t many of the most extreme crime dramas shown to teenagers among the ranks, but here, most of the cases are set up almost exclusively by teenagers. Danielle will be seen throughout the freshman season’s first story arc Great Heaven. Grace’s sister, Danielle upset Ronald enough on the highway when he challenged him that he decided to take it to the two brothers, kidnapping them.

Despite the situation Danielle finds herself in, she continues to push Ronald, unwilling to give in without a fight. He stands up for his brother and works with Jerrie to find a way to get out. Clearly many of the ways he resisted Ronald were intended to cover up his own fears and insecurities, but he was still able to stand on his own.

9 Max

Max came out of the warehouse behind the Big Sky house

Max was one of the group of teenagers introduced in the second season who took bags of money and drugs from the car wreck that started the first big mystery. While Max tries to be the voice of reason for his friends – who are divided on the use of money and tell the police what they know – he also has to deal with a tight situation at home.

Her mother’s boyfriend always took the money the child spent and controlled most of what happened at home. To surround him with knowledge about his hiding money, Max admits his feelings for his best friend, he submits to them to distract him, not knowing how he will react. His courage comes in the form of putting himself there, not having to face the bad guys, even if he does his part as well.

8 Bridger

Bridger mixes the crowd at the crime scene with the new girl in town in Big Sky

Another teenager added in the second season, Bridger was unique among the group because he wasn’t the girls ’first friend. His sister, and he was with. He was also remarkable that he was the first to want to go to the police and report the crime they witnessed.

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Bridger would actually go to the station and sign, ready to report. That alone, against his sister and his friends, who all agreed not to go to the police, was enough to sideline him among the most daring to show up. It takes a lot of guts to fight everything you know. It also takes courage to stand up to the police officer who kidnaps him and keeps lying to protect his own life. Bridger was smart enough under pressure that the officer would only provide his sister’s contact information, so that the women would know what was going on without admitting that there were actually two other people involved.

7 Tonya

Tonya seemed scared of the Big Sky

Another new character in the second season of the series is Tonya. A waitress, Tonya enters the story when she takes Cassie to find the missing boyfriend. That was his first brave work on the show. Why? Because Tonya knows that her boyfriend works for some powerful criminals, even if she doesn’t know all the details. He was actively setting up someone to find him, despite knowing that it could cause strong people to follow him as well.

When she ended up being kidnapped while the same loud people were trying to get the information from her, Tonya was rightly scared, and spent many hours crying and protesting her arrest. He also, however, does many things to keep himself alive, such as flat running when he is given a bathroom break, and finally, collaborating with the people who kidnap him to frame others. for their crimes. It seems like the decision he made was wrong, but he made decisions that allowed him to find a way to fight back.

6 Mark

Mark Lindor stands in front of the bulletin board for the Big Sky investigation

Not all members of the law enforcement need to be brave, but U.S. Marshall Mark Lindor has certainly shown that he is. He repeatedly risks losing his job, for example, to help Cassie, Jerrie, and Jenny find Ronald.

While most modern crime appears to focus on the forensic aspect of investigations these days, Mark is more of a face -to -face investigator than an evidence collector. He prefers to look people in the eye and try to get to know them. Considering the diversity of the suspects he pursued, that was an act of courage as well. He was always Jerrie and Cassie’s backup as they came to places they had nowhere else to approach.

5 Cheyenne

Cheyenne smiled at the Great Heaven

When the first season shifts from the mystery of missing young women to the death of an old friend of Jenny’s, Cheyenne is at the center of the mystery. She is the younger sister of that friend, and is tied to a family full of violent men who manipulate events for their benefit.

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Cheyenne played a long game with his family. He appears to agree with everything his father says, but resists his siblings for making mistakes that cost their family. Cheyenne, in the end, bravely stood up to her father and her brothers, who also took her mother out from under their thumb.

4 Jenny

Jenny Hoyt

Jenny was given a series of setbacks in the first season of the show. Not only did she know that her estranged husband had a relationship with her business partner, but she also had to work with Cassie when her husband died while working on a case.

Jenny can stop and put it all away. Instead, he decides to take Cody’s last case and help Cassie with the business. He even took a bullet at Cassie as they chased a suspect. Jenny has a great instinct as an investigator, and the fact that he’s usually right probably makes him a little more courageous than most since he knows his own track record. He is well on his way to becoming one of the best TV detectives of the modern day.

3 Cassie

Cassie has an impulsive streak, constantly charging with risk and never accepting a “no” for an answer. He has shown his courage many times in the show through his commitment to tracking down missing people and getting justice for them. His instincts and his commitment to justice make him one of the most interesting, and even one of the most, characters of Great Heaven.

Even Cassie has a line when it comes to courage without hesitation. Once he learned that trying to bring Ronald to justice put his son in danger, he took a step back. He did the smart thing, leaving the investigation to other people and instead taking on new cases.

2 Grace

Grace leads everyone in the hallway of the Big Sky hospital

In the first season of Great Heaven, Grace is the youngest Ronald kidnaps while he is tagging a road trip with Danielle. The audience may have at first thought she was the one who needed to be defended, but instead, Grace did most of the defending.

Grace first approaches Jerrie, tries to calm Danielle down, and repeatedly tries to talk to the people who kidnapped them. It was also Grace who initially escaped where they were detained and tried to find them for help, but ended up shooting with an arrow. Grace even took Rick to the hospital to confirm his identity even though she was scared of him. There aren’t many characters more brave than him in the show.

1 Jerry

Jerrie Kennedy

Maybe it was Jerrie Many Heavens MVP. He was the first to be kidnapped by Ronald before Danielle could sidetrack, and Jerrie was somehow able to stay calm and collected in all his attempts. Even after he is free, and he has dreams and knows that Ronald is still following him, he promises to help Jenny and Cassie with their investigation.

Jerrie took his fear and turned it into productivity, learned from them, and became a private investigator himself. He became the man knocking on doors and tracking down missing people.

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