Green Lanterns Descend the Same Path Destroyed by the Jedi

In the latest issue of Green Lantern in DC, the Oa Guardians decide to get involved in galactic politics, also doing the Jedi Order’s fault.

Warning: there is a problem for Green Lantern # 2!

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Green lantern series, the Oa Guardians take on the Green Lantern Corps in the same path that killed the Jedi in Star Wars. With good intentions and a desire to grow peace, the Guardians decided to engage themselves in galactic politics. Unfortunately, this has already proven to be a bad idea. Even after only two issues of the new series, this judgment is wrong, and things are much darker compared to the Jedi Order, which both made mistakes in the contradiction in The Clone Wars.

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on Star Wars prequel trilogy, the Jedi make the choice to involve themselves more in the politics of the galaxy, rather than simply serve as peacekeepers. Upon entering the Clone Wars galaxy, the Jedi agreed to act as a general for the Republic’s clone armies, fighting against the droid forces of the Separatist Alliance. However, this eventually led to their downfall, as the Chancellor was revealed to be a Dark Lord of the Sith. Palpatine ordered the clone armies to open their generals with destructive Order 66, killed almost all of the Jedi and destroyed the Jedi Order, paving the way for the rise of his new Empire.

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Unfortunately, it seems that the Guardians of Oa and the Green Lanterns are heading down the same route as the Jedi in Green Lantern # 2 from Geoffrey Thorne, Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci. After hosting all the delegates of the new coalition United Planets in one go doubt the same as Star Wars’ galactic senator, a vote was cast to add Oa to their ranks, and the vote passed. However, this verdict opens up one of the Guardians to murder in the first issue of the series. However, the Guardians could still be resolved, and they agreed to donate a third of their sectors to the United Planets Brigade, while also assigning some of their released Lanterns to serve as military escorts to the United’s own forces. Planets. However, it seems that the revenge actions of the Guardians are not over yet, as the Central Power Battery explodes at the end of the second issue.

The Green Lantern Power Corps exploded

Unfortunately, as the Guardians pay for their judgment they become more involved in galactic politics much earlier than the Jedi. Now that their mainstream power is gone, so is it reaching the Green Lantern Corps nameligro. As a result, it will be really interesting to see where the Green Lanterns come from here in the DC Universe, and if they can keep it all going.

Like the Jedi Order of Star Wars, the decision of the Green Lanterns to participate in the political activities of the DC Universe over-represented the Corps and was quickly destroyed. It would have been much better for both parties to have just stayed the course, serving as protectors on their own terms, respecting intergalactic law without trying to be part of the mechanisms that define it. Here is the hope of Green Lanterns find a way to also build on future issues of the series from DC Comics.

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