Grizzly Bear’s Christopher Bear and Daniel Rossen Announce Soundtrack for New A24 Movie Past Lives by Celine Song

Grizzly bearof Christopher Bear and Daniel Rossen is behind the original score of Celine Song’s new A24 film Past Life. The soundtrack will be released on June 9 via A24 Music. The soundtrack also features a new song called “Quiet Eyes” by Sharon Van Etten and Zachary Dawes. Listen to ” by Bear and RossenWhy Are You Going to New York” and “Across the Ocean” below.

Song’s romance film tells the story of two childhood friends in South Korea who meet again two decades later in New York. It stars Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, and John Magaro. Find the film’s trailer below.

Last year, Daniel Rossen released his debut solo album, You Are There. Christopher Bear used to make music for High Maintenanceand he also released solo music under the name Fools. The latest Grizzly Bear album, Painted Ruinscame out in 2017.

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