GTA 6 Release Date Announced March 2024 By Take-Two Financials

Take-Two executives claim the company will see 14% by 2024 and believe GTA 6 is the reason for the confident statement.

A potential release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 could be revealed via Take-Two financials, which is set to debut in late March of 2024. If that timeframe is true, then it’s more than a decade between Rockstar’s next installment of the series and its sequel. GTA 5, which was first launched back in 2013.

Even if there is no completely new game for GTA series of nearly a decade, there is still a lot of content for fans of the franchise to enjoy. Grand Theft Auto Online continues to receive new material and support from its developers and, although it has met with controversy, last year has seen release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition remaster GTA III, Vice City, ug San Andreas. Despite all of that, fans are still excited and looking forward to what happens next on Rockstar, and speculation continues to run in the community as to when a new game might arrive.


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In a recent report from Axios Gaming, fans may have gotten a clue when GTA 6 make his debut. According to stock analysts, Take-Two executives say the company’s annual growth through 2024 will be 14%. While it appears that nothing has been confirmed by executives, this confidence in rapid growth is aimed at releasing a major title in the coming years. One analyst noticed that they believed at least one Rockstar title will display that time frame, indicating that it is likely GTA 6.

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If this is true, then this isn’t the first time Take-Two has announced the release of a GTA title through financial projects. Axios Gaming noticed that the same was done before GTA 5 when a financial forecast was made in 2011 indicating that the game would come out in late 2013, it did. This will also fit the other rumored to be ridiculed by an insider for GTA 6, which sets a target date for 2023. Axios GamingThe report said Take-Two’s fiscal year for 2024 will run from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Unfortunately for fans, it marked at least more than a year ago GTA 6 will eventually launch, and that’s when everything goes according to plan. In recent years many AAA titles have fallen victim to delays and with COVID-19 still affecting the world, it is likely that many games will be put back in the future. if Grand Theft Auto 6 the same game that Rockstar worked on, though, might break the trend delay.

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Source: Axios Gaming

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