Gunna’s ‘Pushin P’ Is Our Rap Song of the Week

Our new music feature Rap Song of the Week ruined the important hip-hop tracks you have to hear every Friday. View the entire playlist HERE. This week, Gunna teamed up with Future and Young Thug on his DS4EVER unique “pushin P.”

ago Gunna considered contemporary to Young Thug and In the future, he gave a soft reset to his career by removing Yung from his name and launching his signature Drip Time mixtape series. Five years later, he has literally become a bonafide superstar taught Lil Baby how to rap, thus closing the franchise on DS4EVER has a particular meaning.

As one might expect, Thugger and Future have each made several appearances on the project, but the “push P” is a reminder of why we still hope that the sequel to Super Slimey still happens. As a duo, Thug and Hendrix have already shown incredible chemistry, but the addition of Gunna (and Baby, too) is a no-brainer.

It’s Gunna WRECKAGE the broad definition of “P” on Twitter, basically explains that it remains true: stayed outside in other people’s business, support your partner and friends, ug feeding your family in any way necessary. The concept songs aren’t the reason why we tune into Gunna’s music, though, and thankfully the track isn’t too heavy to follow the theme.

Arriving in more than two minutes, the “push P” shows Gunna and Future selling poisonous bars (“Portuguese on his knees, my banana P/ He let me press, then left he because he kept the P ”) on top of the icy production from Juke Wong and Wheezy.

The young Thug ends the track with a verse with a strange line fucking a glass of water Before he shouts at his partner genuinely: “He won’t cover for me, he’s simple porcelain / I don’t see opps, now we’re finally tusslin ‘ / He’s ready to go down the street for me, no question. “

Because we’re talking about hip-hop, who knows when (or if) Super Slimey 2 Fall, but thankfully there are tracks like “pushin P” to keep us going.

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