Guns N ‘Roses to Release “Entire Record’s Worth” in New Material

Guns and roses released two new songs last year, and many more have their origins.

In a recent interview, Slashing revealed that the legendary rock band will continue to release new material until a full album is completed. And fans won’t have to wait long.

“There’s new Guns material coming out as we speak, and we can keep it going until the full amount of stuff is done and then put it firmly in place,” Slash said. Classic Stone Magazine. “It’s beautiful. I enjoy working on things and enjoy doing them. ”

The guitarist properly planned a release in 2021 for the latest Guns N ‘Roses singles: “In vain” and “Hard School.” Both come from Democracy in China time, but reworked the band’s current lineup-specifically the guitar parts. Even they did not write anything new together, the revitalization of shelved materials is a positive indicator.

“There’s a kind of synergy that’s going on in these last six years that we haven’t experienced in our first incarnation,” the guitarist said.

Slash also evaluated his renewed relationship with frontman Axl Rose and overcame the negative that appeared after the guitarist left the band in 1996.

“When we were together, Axl and I really overcame this huge kind of negative stuff that we’ve held on to over the years and years,” Slash said on his return to the band in 2016. “It was a real simple, pretty short conversation we had… In all the years we’ve been apart, he’s been a super-f ** king professional. And he never missed a single beat the whole time. So great. “

Check out the Guns N ‘Roses’ 2021 solos below.

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