Half Waif Announces New Album, Shares New Video for “Swimmer”: Viewers

Nandi Rose announces her new one Stop the Waif album Mythopoetics with video for the fourth offering “Swimmer.” The LP – which followed last year The Caregiver—End July 9 by ANTI-. Check out the video for “Swimmer” below.

Before being announced Mythopoetics, Rose released songs that “Orange Blossoms, “”Done with the Party, “And”Take the Pain. ”He broke the record with frequent collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Zubin Hensler as a recording resident at Pulp Arts in Gainesville, Florida.

In the new single “Swimmer,” Rose said in a statement:

I wrote “Swimmer” after visiting my aunt, who has Alzheimer’s. I will never forget the summer we bathed in the lake where our family had a cabin-his mind was already distracted, but his body was still strong enough to swim across to the other side. It’s unbelievable, how all things can be true. Now the only way I can reach him is through music. I sang to him with my hand on his shoulder, feeling the soft weight of his body on the blanket, pouring all the love that was in my voice into that warm arm. I try to reconcile what is still here with what is already missing.

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01 Cloth
02 Swimmer
03 Get Rid of Pain
04 Kuta
05 The Apartment
06 Sourdough
07 Done with the Party
08 Horse Racing
09 Orange Blossoms
10 Midnight Beggars
11 Sodium and Cigarettes
12 Powder

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