Halle Berry Shares New Hair Pic After That “Oscar Bob”

From Michael Strahansmile surgery on Halle berryBlunt bob, we’re not sure who we can trust!

the Kings The actress, who is 54, fooled us all at the 2021 Oscars on Sunday, April 25. Bringing a lover From Search as he was one, Halle came out on the red carpet and debuted a surprising new hairstyle. He paired him “easy breeze“purple Dolce & Gabbana gown with a short bob and statement bangs.

At the time, he convinced us that this was the real deal, until an Insta photo of the hair locks on the ground was posted, as if there were a lot of haircuts.

The new ‘creation caused a stir on social media, with memes showing about her shaggy but sharp style. Halle seems to be in the joke, returning the letter to a fan and adding a crying emoji.

But finally, on Friday, April 30, the jig was finished. Halle posted on Instagram with a new selfie of her smiling face and her flowing, long hair. The rays of the sun shone on his back as he sat in the woods. the Catwoman The star wrote, “Oscar bob … just kidding,” along with another tearful face.

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