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Matt and I finally moved from our temporary “room” we had set up for breakfast to the guest room. It was longer than I intended, but the madness of 2020 really gave me a focus on home -related projects. And after the start of this year I finally finished the room, Matt reminded me that we wouldn’t be able to move the room until I finished the hallway floor.

So after finishing the hallway floor and giving it about a week to treat the polyurethane, we were finally ready to move on. It will get a habit. The breakfast room has three large windows, and the room is always very bright in the sun. Here’s how the room looked right after I finished it a few years ago…

But the room had only one window, and it was lined with lots of oak wood in our front yard.

guest room - finished - bed walls and windows

The interior is very bright when all the lights are on, but if we just want natural light (which we both like to light), it’s a much darker room than the breakfast interior. So it will need to be accustomed.

But for others, we really enjoyed it. I ended up having to remove the platform bed (even if I put the headboard) in the bedroom because Matt’s occupational therapist suggested we get a comfortable bed because he spends a lot of time in bed. (For those new here, Matt is my husband, and he has MS) I want a very high good customer rating, but can’t break the bank. Ingon ana we ended up getting it, and we both really liked it.

However, now that the floor was finished and repaired, and we were officially moving into the room, I tried to finish the hallway. I got the trim to open the cased between the hallway and music room which was also installed. I still had to fill the wood with nail holes, dig up the cracks, and paint. But it’s nice to see the cleaning again, and not raw wood and cut drywall edges.

progress in hallway 4-20-1
progress in hallway 4-20-5

And I get the clutter around the bathroom doors re-installed, even if it also needs wood, caulk, and paint.

progress in hallway 4-20-6

I also painted the doors. I use Behr Mythic Forest on the doors, which are the same color as the bookcases and music interior doors, and pantry cabinets.

progress in hallway 4-20-3

The trail will look a bit different than before. It used to be a very large and spacious area, with three bedroom doors in addition to the double -door bathroom. There used to be enough space between the door to the guest room (the door just to the right of the cabinets) and the wall with two more bedroom doors to put the art on that wall.

hallway after renovation-view from music room, teal doors, custom linen cabinets

But now there is really no room for artwork.

progress in hallway 4-20-2

And where there used to be two doors to a room in a wall…

hallway after renovation - original hardwood floors, teal doors, striped walls, watercolor artwork

… Now there is only one room door in the wall…

progress in hallway 4-20-1

I no longer have room to the left of the bathroom doors for a table and works of art…

different color small bathroom repairs - 6

But now I have room for that stuff right at the door of the home gym where the door to most beds used to be.

progress in hallway 4-20-4

It’s a much smaller hallway now, but it used to be a big hallway, so we had plenty of space to get out. And moving the wall and getting to the old door to the master bedroom allowed us to square that room, which would later become the master bedroom.

I expected that I would need a few more days to finish the hallway. I still need to:

  • put the door paint on the other two doors,
  • put on the crown molding,
  • place the baseboards,
  • caulk and paint all trims, and
  • prime and paint the walls.

This is a small short list for a very small space, so I think it will be finished as soon as possible. And then I can start the gym at home !! I’m excited to continue that project, so I feel excited to finish this hallway.

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