Halo Infinite releases Unseen Campaign Screenshots

343 Industries has released previously unseen screenshots of the Halo Infinite campaign, showing arenas and scenes in the game like never before.

The new developer 343 Industries appeared Halo No End screenshots screenshots to show what differences are new Options not related to the PC popular. This development look at the game showing how to customize the PC for many of the improvements seen before being launched in a Hello game, and new images reveal how many preferred options are available.

According to 343, Halo No EndThe PC port is made by PC gamers for PC gamers, and it comes with customizable settings that the audience is expected to see in an AAA experience. The studio puts a greater focus on console and PC stability, rather than the console-first, PC-second-if-always mindset of the previous mainline. Hello entries. While a previous announcement from Microsoft revealed that Halo No End there are two crossplay and cross-progression on the same system, a bunch of new screenshots and developer information reveal even more special features that will come for PC users when the game launches.

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Continuing the flow of information after the high-profile recovery of the game, a Hello Waypoint the development update fell on Thursday. Several new screenshots reveal many aspects of the future Hello games, such as weapon and HUD visual changes, but by far the most impressive are the FOV and widescreen options. Halo No End will support a variety of PC screen resolutions, including 32: 9 super ultrawide, as previously announced by Microsoft. The FOV can be expanded beyond that, as well, and new campaign screenshots (including some showing the enemy-filled interior signal a return to the Forerunner art style that is even more reminiscent Halo 3) show good new features. 343 says it wants the game to look better on curved, wide monitors, but the standard 16: 9 display is still the same. Zeta Halo scene comparisons.

Halo Infinite releases Unseen Campaign Screenshots

As previously announced, 343 testified to that Halo No End for PC with support for ultrawide and super ultrawide monitors and triple keybinds. However, the developer has also revealed that the game will support a mix of input devices for different PC gamepads, as well as mouse and keyboard support when playing. Xbox consoles. There is also advanced sensitivity and acceleration for mouse controls. The most notable feature, however, is the customization of the FOV, which offers multiple perspectives for both PC and console gamers, such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection updated to offer.

There are reportedly many more features coming in the Xbox and PC versions at (and possibly after) launch that have yet to be detailed. 343 Industries perhaps hides a lot Hello secrets until the release date is approaching. The PC mentality in the studio is shocking when considered in the past Hello the games have skipped the platform for years until now. Halo No End PC maker Jeff Guy is said to have fought for many of the now -revealed PC features, and he says some of his priorities have been making sure the game is good in many hardware families and not. rich DRM will be added to the game.

Despite all that is pointed out, the 343’s effort to bring similarity between the PC and console versions of Halo No End likely music to the ear of the average player. The screenshots also show the widescreen customization how beautiful the game will look when it is released later this year, which won’t be long as the studio and Microsoft continue to try to get the right experience on Xbox and PC.

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Halo No End available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC in Fall 2021.

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