Hannah Gadsby in Netflix’s Something Special, Touring, the Future

Like all of us, Hannah Gadsby is a different person today than he was five years ago, as evidenced by their new Netflix special A Special, a cheeky title that reflects a newer and happier outlook on life. “I know this show isn’t necessarily what people expect from me, and I’m happy with that,” they said. RESULTS. “I like not to watch people. This is the only consistency in my comedy, that you never know what I’m going to do. Because I will do whatever I want.”

Gadsby has of course broken into the comedy scene in the 2018’s Nanette, a deeply personal and raw show that creates a new conversation about what it means to do stand-up comedy. But now, they will find the whole question in “What is comedy?” which would be “just a waste of time.”

“This is whatever it is that needs to happen,” they continued. “People always need to laugh, and people are going to find different ways to do that. We’re going through a real mess in terms of how we communicate broadly. So I think comedy is going to change. and I think that’s healthy. We have to adapt to the different environments we’re performing in. But I’m just a little guy, you know. I just do what I have to do and what happens in the environment that’s all. must. It seems too big for me to understand.”

For them, the best way to be part of the “conversation” is to keep making their own jokes, “and that’s exactly what I do. I’m really just doing my own thing. “

A Special found Gadsby back on Netflix (after speaking publicly in response to Dave Chappelle’s company platforming), told stories about their recent marriage proposal and wedding as part of a light and happy hour about happiness. “I think people coming out of the pandemic are really confused,” they said. “I was confused. Nobody understood it. We still don’t understand it. So I really wanted to make a show that felt safe.”

Below, Gadsby examines the porting process A Special from tour to screen, as well as where things stand with their next project, a stand-up special with six international genderqueer comedians on Netflix. They also revealed that although they are not sure what will happen next, they really want to surprise us.

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