Happiness Is No Accident | Jim Daly

Is a happy marriage possible?

I think the answer to that question is yes. But there is the one catch: happiness does not depend on good things happening on you. It depends on you selection to be happy.

Author Kevin Thompson learned that happy marriages don’t happen by accident by observing his grandparents. They have been married for 70 years! After being together for a long time, many people suggest that they are “lucky” to have more of the things they want. But Kevin’s grandparents are quick to point out that they are happy however their circumstances. They were both born into poverty; married each other at an early age; work long, hard hours at their jobs; and struggling to raise their children on two meager salaries. Their happiness is not the result of luck or good chemistry. It was the result of commitment, sacrifice, and hard work.

Kevin’s grandparents marriage advice is the best you’ll get all day. Marriage is a deep mystery on many levels, but it’s rooted in a bone-in-the-dirt commitment to love each other when life gets tough, to work through differences, and to work together. Couples are happy not because they are lucky but because they anchor their relationship in hard work and stick together as much in the bad times as in the good times.

Is a happy marriage possible? Yes, it is. But it doesn’t come to you by chance.

You must choose to follow it.

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