Hardwell And Quintino Break The Ice With Fifth Collaboration, "Destroying the ball"

This duo has just entered the fifth chapter of their story with a track that seamlessly merges the two mainstage sounds.

One of dance music’s longest-running collaborative duos is back to carve out a new chapter.

HardwellandQuintinolast worked together in 2019″No holds barred” and it seems like a lifetime of dance music years have passed since then. Now, they’re back with “Sloopkogel,” which translates from Dutch to English as the word for “wrecking ball.” With a little that context suddenly everything about this track makes sense.

This is the first time that Hardwell and Quintino have attempted to thread the needle between the two mainstage sounds that are tearing up the festival circuit today: the challenging big room techno and the incumbent big room house. The two broke the ice with pounding techno kicks and an eerie ambiance before unleashing their signature sequence of rhythmic mainstage leads.

The track lands on Hardwell’s new 2023 EP, a project with six tracks, which he challenges with the same number of mysterious doors on his website. Fans won’t have to wait long for his next offering, as the countdown clock indicates that Hardwell’s next release is in exactly one week.

Listen to “Sloopkogel” below and stream the single HERE.


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