Harry Styles and James Corden Make $ 300 “Daylight” Music Video: Watch

Harry’s Styles stopped at The Late Late Show with James Corden recently for the final artistic challenge: making a music video for his new song “Daylight” directed by James Corden in just three hours.

And it’s not a music video filmed on a beautiful Hollywood set. No, the former boy bander had to find a real-life apartment in New York City to shoot at the location with a budget of just $ 300. After being turned down by a Brooklyn baby boomer couple, Corden and Styles were lucky enough to have an apartment with four millennial women who were more than happy to welcome them.

Interestingly, a tour of the apartment confirms that one of the women happens to be a Styles superfan, with Corden rushing to hide the Harry Styles-as-Harry Potter artwork and other various One Direction paraphernalia on the left. yet to be seen in the pop star. The host, however, wasn’t too pleased with a kitchen photo frame of the women posing with Jimmy Fallon.

After raiding some closets, Corden spotted a scene for the fly video, pointing Styles into the bathtub for a “sexy as fuck” opening at Harry’s house album cut – although the superstar gently asked to wear his shirt for the shot. “I can’t stress this enough: it’s all James’ idea, ”he later added in a confession from the bathroom. “I was in a Christopher Nolan movie; now this is my dressing room. ”

From there, the talk show host puts the four women to work cutting the confetti and invites some friends over for a sad house party scene while Styles stays having fun. with no regard for the whole difficulty. (“Should we scrap it? Is it too late to just do ‘Carpool Karaoke?’”) Eventually, the whole thing will end up with Corden and Styles on the roof of the building-the former wearing a green screen body suit while the latter wore a shiny gold fedora and large bowtie pulled from one of the woman’s closets.Watch the “Daylight” video put together below.

Styles recently CONCEALED Wet Leg’s “Wet Dream” during his session on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and read a bedtime story for the BBC CBeebies program. You can also get tickets for his Love on Tour 2022 HERE.

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