Harry Styles’ Golden Times From His Love of Traveling Worth the Reward

If your show is the hottest ticket in town, you need an award.

As the excitement continues to grow for 2022 Billboard Music Awards Airing on May 15 on NBC and Peacock, a category caught the attention of voters. This year, the organizers of the event set up a award for Top Tour with nominees including Eagles, Genesis, The Rolling Stones and Green DayPerformances by Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

But perhaps the musician’s favor of carrying the special trophy is no different Harry’s Styles for his Love On Tour.

Before dancing the night away with Shania Twain and Lizzo during his headlining performances on Coachella in April, Harry traveled the world and made hits from his solo album Good Line. Every night, the 28-year-old wears more than just a show thanks to her candid speeches to the audience, unforgettable fashion and impressive surprises.

With her new album, Harry’s housethat from May 20, the singer is preparing to hit the road AGAIN in selected cities including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. But as fans raced for tickets, E! The news recounted some of his best touring times to date.

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