Harry Styles Sings “You Just Had a Baby” to Halsey During NYC Concert

We are ready to bet Halsey there blurry follows the feeling Harry’s Styles‘latest show-and yes, technically, it has kiwi.

The new mom, who attended Harry’s latest show in NYC on Monday, Oct. 4, received the most beautiful shouting from the singer while entertaining the audience. In a clip from the seemingly glorious performance, Harry was heard shifting the lyrics to his song “Kiwi” too little to teach the singer “No Me”.

Instead of singing the lyric, “I Gave Birth,” Harry was seen teaching and singing to Halsey, “You Just Gave Birth,” instead – and the moment was not as priceless as the sound. Halsey even took it Instagram Stories to share an epic shot of them watching the electrified show.

Just three months ago, on July 14, Halsey gave birth to a son, Ender Ridley Aydin, their first child with a girlfriend and script Alev Aydin.

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