Health and Nine Inch Nails Brings ’90s Apocalypse Vibes with“ NOT EVERYTHING ”: Song of the Week

Song of the Week broke down and talked about the song that we could never get out of our heads every week. Find these songs and many more of us Playlist of Top Top Songs. For our favorite new songs from emerging artists, check out our Playify New Sound playlist. This week, noise rocker HEALTH and industrial icons Nine Inch Nails are a pair that made heaven at the end of the days.

Catharsis can take many forms of curiosity: a good cry after a movie, the euphoria among strangers dancing to an electric piece of pop, a long (supposedly) . Then, there HEALTH and Nine Inch Nails, two groups that have long used noise power as their tool of choice, actively defying expectations at every turn of the road. This week accompanying release not an exception.

“NOT ALL” bends and deliberately grinds, and feels consistent with both groups in terms of making and lyric. “No reason / We’re all to blame (aren’t we all?)” Can be drawn from multiple seasons from any group, but it especially feels like a return to form for Nine Inch Nails members .

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have a simple set: Their skill is so strong that they are able to pivot from a Oscar -winning score for something that proves life as such Pixar’s loose back to the brutality that drove them to fame as a band in the first place. If we have to live in this broken world, give us, at the very least, some damn good tones to listen to as we wallow in our dystopian destiny.

Health and Nine Inch Nails always provide a soundtrack for this specific kind of catharsis: a track that feels claustrophobic until it feels like it. Perhaps most of all, when asked about the song, the members of HEALTH could only say the following: That speaks for itself. You don’t need a clever quote to encapsulate it. ”

Mary Siroky
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McKinley Dixon – “Twist My Hair” (feat. Deau Eyes)

Amua Artist of the Moon, McKinley Dixon, completed an ambitious album trilogy together For My Mom and Anyone Like Her. The LP closer to “Twist My Hair” features melodies from Deau Eyes and a journey of self, a fitting end to an artist clearly on a journey. It’s jazz; this word is spoken; it’s a homecoming and an exhalation. In a Track by destroying the Track on the album, he said consequences, “After the album turmoil, [this song] the rest. ”The album is a quiet exploration of grief, unraveling the difficult process of loss, and the final track record shifts the parts of a slow-moving bow. – Mary Siroky

Lydia Ainsworth – “Cosmic Dust”

“Cosmic Dust” is the perfect title for new track from Lydia Ainsworth: In it, the Canadian singer-songwriter has a foot in the past (dripping the glittering sounds of a ’90s beat), one of his own future dreams. The orchestra will improve throughout adding to the breeze quality of the track, leaving the listener floating in Ainsworth’s possible awakening. There’s a bit of a nostalgic quality to his voices, allowing his ten -year -olds to see everything. “Cosmic Dust” tops the artist’s next album, Sparkles and Debris, set for release on May 21st. – Mary Siroky

Lump – “Animal”

To describe their upcoming album, animal, reunited duo Lump (Laura Marling and Tunng’s founding member Mike Lindsay) said, “There’s a bit of a hedonism theme to the album, of dreams running.” the according to the title coming this week, and sure to indulge: quirky, unbridled cascades of production in and out of haunting vocal interludes. The track encourages the listener to be delivered, and it does so by leading, touring and exploring an exciting, formless journey of its own. – Mary Siroky

MARINA – “Purge The Poison (feat. Pussy Riot)”

Welsh pop singer MARINA recruited the Russian protest group Vaginal Disorder for a nagtukaw remix in “Purge the Poison,” which reflects environmentalism (“Protectin’ the planet, healin ’our own harm”) as well as “womanhood and strong power,” as Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot said in a statement. “Matriarchy runs the state / we are here to dominate,” Tolokonnikova sings on his new verse. The collab tops Marina’s fifth album Ancient Dreams of a Modern Earth, due in June. RIP to the patriarch! – Ginsberg gave

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