Heatwave Music Festival To Debut In Chicago, Combines Pop-Art Inspired Installation and Dance Music-EDM.com

Who would have thought that pop-art and dance music would be a great game?

Auris Presents, which has established itself as Chicago’s premier live music event organizer, recently announced the debut edition of the Heatwave Music Festival. Arriving at Douglass Park July 16-17, Heatwave is set to be a completely immersive, pop-art-inspired event, soundtracked by some of the leading producers and DJs of dance music.

Experimental art presents itself at the center of the Heatwave experience, which sees attendees lose themselves in immersive installations and art venues through a large lineup of visual artists and creatives. to be announced. Heatwave aims to focus its hat on legendary pop-art moments, such as Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans and Lichtenstein’s Crying Womancurating an enthusiastic experience intended for study.

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