Help! How Can You Add Privacy With This Exterior Door In A Master Bathroom?

Okay, I know I said no more master bathroom updates, and the next post about that room will be the final reveal. But I have a snag. Everything has been done well except for cleaning and a piece of cutting, but this bathroom door has given me a lot of disappointment.

As you know, we now have an exterior door in our master bathroom. It’s definitely unusual, and it’s temporary too. This room used to be the master bedroom in the house, and we decided to make it the master bathroom.

That leaves us without a master bedroom for now, but eventually we will build an addition to the back of the house that will include a new master bedroom. So instead of this door being an exterior door leading to the backyard, it will eventually become an interior 15-lite pocket door leading to our new master bedroom. Until then, I need to decide how to add privacy to this door.

I added privacy to the other door (the 15-lite interior pocket door that leads to the home gym) by using privacy film on the glass panes.

That worked out perfectly, and I’m thinking about adding privacy film to the exterior door as well. The problem is that I really need to be able to see outside the door without having to open it.

That door leads directly to Cooper’s yard. (Cooper is our dog.) I let him out the door every morning, and since we’re always in our yard (lawns, pest control, etc.), I have to watch and make sure the gate is closed before he release. I know it seems like a small thing to just open the door and see if the gate is closed, but it hurts so much that it has to be done. I want to be able to just look out the window and make sure it’s closed before opening the door.

That rejects the privacy film. And I don’t want any kind of bamboo shade because…well…you know how I am about symmetry. If I don’t have a bamboo shade on the other door, I won’t have a bamboo shade on this door either. That’s how my mind works, and I can’t do anything about it. 😀

So the only other option I can think of is one of those bolsa pocket curtains that go over the glass. I found one on Amazon, along with some magnetic curtains specifically for doors, and I hung the extra curtain over the door. Here’s what it looks like…

Needless to say, I didn’t love it. If you know me, you know I love a tailored look. I don’t like things that are messy and soft and messy and messy. So a gathered-on-the-rod curtain wasn’t really my style to begin with, but I wanted to try it if it surprised me. But no, and I’m just not sure I can live with it. It allows me to look out the window before opening the door, and it provides enough privacy, but I don’t think the tradeoff is worth it.

So I hope one of you has a perfect solution for me, because I’m new to ideas. I wanted something that would give me privacy when I needed it, but let me look at the door before opening it. I wanted a clean, classic, tailored look. Any ideas?

By the way, I’m aiming that the final before and after post will be on Monday. It’s still long, so it will take me a while to write and collect all the photos. I mean, there’s no way to sum up a year and a half project in a short, quick post.

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