Here’s How Olivia Wilde Continued Harry’s Styles While She Was On Travel

That’s clear Harry’s Styles and Olivia Wilde have a successful bag relationship.

As the pop star continues to perform across the country at his Love on Tour concerts, her lover was photographed during a day trip to Los Angeles on Thursday, Oct. 7. The photos show Olivia with a Love on Tour tote bag slung over her shoulder.

The bag, which is part of the merchandise line from Harry’s now featured live show that runs until mid-November, will look and feature two frolicking rabbits, with the words “Love on Tour” printed red at the bottom.

Like her dress, the 37-year-old Booksmart wearing director jeans, a sweater with embroidered floral designs and New Balance sneakers.

Even if the couple spends a little time while he is on the road, there is no doubt that their love has grown stronger since they were together. first confirm the relationship back in January.

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