Hidden Credits of Dialogue Changes Episode 7 Ending

Station Eleven episode 7 ends with Kuya Kirsten’s message to Frank. Six short but important words spoken in the credits deepen the last minute.

The end of Eleven Stations Episode 7 is completely transformed by the secret credits dialogue. The limited series HBO Max tells the story of an apocalyptic plague from two vantage points: the initial collapse of global human civilization, and 20 years later, the beginning of a new a society in which the survivors are united. Both episodes are shown through the eyes of Kirsten (Mackenzie Davi), an actor who survives the onset of the pandemic as a child.

on Eleven Stations episode 7, “Goodbye My Damaged Home,” young Kirsten tries to capture Frank Chaudhary (Nabhaan Rizwan), one of the two brothers who saved her life in start with Eleven Stationsthe pandemic, to be with him and another brother, Jeevan (Himesh Patel), when it’s time to leave Frank’s apartment. Kirsten was waiting next to her door, asking her to travel with them, unaware that Frank had been killed on the other side of the door. Twenty years later, however, older Kirsten realized what she hadn’t done when she was younger. At the end of the episode, Kirsten finally allowed herself to let go of part of her past, saying out loud, “Goodbye, Frank. ”


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However, Kirsten has one more thing to say at the end of the credits that gives a whole new meaning. Eleven Stations episode 7 ends. Watch enthusiasts may have noticed that Kirsten has added to her message in the past, saying, “Thanks for allowing me to stay here. ” Although Frank is long gone, Kirsten reconciles the guilt of her survivor through the gift of a second life time that Frank and Jeevan gave her when they took her. and gratitude, as evidenced by his recognition after the credits.

For 20 years, Kirsten blamed herself for Frank’s death. He believed that if they had left earlier one day, Frank would probably still be alive. With the wisdom to come in time, Kirsten releases her guilt, knowing that Frank will likely never live outside the apartment. Frank’s injuries in the war made it difficult for him to travel long distances, and he was likely defeated by the elements soon after his departure.

What makes Eleven Stations so heartwarming (and heartbreaking) for the audience are the loving relationships formed not by blood ties, but by deeply rooted shared experiences of salvation. People are united by adversity, and when times are hard, the lives of people who choose to help a stranger can improve. Frank improves his life by taking Kirsten, and his is filled with his goodness.

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Eleven Stations releases new episodes Thursday on HBO Max.

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