HitPiece, the Infamous Music NFTs Startup, Relaunch With Actual Musician Partners

In February, an early version of an NFT marketplace centered around single and album artwork called HitPiece became the focus of a social media frenzy. Artists have vented their collective anger after seeing their album and an artwork apparently offered as NFTs without permission. The website was shut down in short order. Months later, the service was relaunched with actual participation from some artists, Billboard reports.

HitPiece founder Rory Felton said Billboard that the company learned its lesson after the uproar surrounding the initial “preview” launch of the service. “We have to button when we allow any part of our service to be available to the public,” Felton wrote. “By clicking, I mean getting the necessary rights to any content available through our platform.”

Currently there is not much available on HitPiece. There are currently 10 artists listed as “creators” in association with HitPiece, incl Lil Gotit, Matt Ox, ATL Jacob, Lil Gnar, Fuse808, Uffy, King Midas, and more. The company is determined with this launch to convince skeptics that it is a legitimate, non-scam business. Felton told Billboard that HitPiece is talking to record companies about expanding its business and that it is working with music rights identification company Audible Magic “to help verify ownership of new music before the creation of an NFT, thereby ensuring that only legitimate content is distributed.”

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