Hoda Kotb Shares One Wish For Her Daughters When They Grow Up

Hoda Kotb has big dreams for her little girls.

That is, passing on his love for New Orleans. In his cover story for Southern LivingApril 2023 issueTHE TODAY The show anchor reflected on her time living and working as a reporter in the Big Easy, sharing that she hopes her daughters will one day Haley Joy6, and I hope it’s Catherine3, “they knew there was another place to call home, and that was New Orleans.”

“When they grow up, I want them to understand that when they get off the plane and they come to this city, they’re going to get a warm hug,” explained Hoda, who is based in New York City. “I really want it to be a part of their lives because it’s an important part of mine.”

Recalling his memories of walking around the French Quarter, eating beignets while listening to jazz music, the 58-year-old continued, “I want them to know that life, so they can come here for the rest of their lives and I think it will continue. to be a place where they feel like home.”

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