Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

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Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the holidays! We’ve rounded up some of the best holiday toys for special gifts. The holiday season isn’t complete without kindness, love, and giving back so consider donating a toy or ten to those in need as well.

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LOL Surprise! OMG Fashion Show Mega Runway

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

LOL Surprise! OMG Fashion Show Mega Runway Let all the winter holiday style queens flaunt fierce looks as they hit the runway.

Kids will love having 1,500 mix and match looks, plus 12 new characters to unbox, dress up, and walk the runway, making the perfect holiday gift this season. Parents will love that the package can even be transformed into a runway to strut the dolls’ sharp styles and promote endless creative play. $90.99


Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

CONNECT4 HOOPS combines everything kids love about the classic CONNECT4 game with all the skill of shooting arcade hoops. It’s a win this holiday!

Kids will love being first in CONNECT4 Shots as the electronic LED scoring tracks the hoops and drops a yellow or red piece on the board. Parents love that it stands over five feet tall but then folds for compact storage, and includes 5 LED lit basketball hoops and four rubber basketballs in two team colors. $149.99

Rainbow High’s First Holiday Edition Collector Doll

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

Rainbow High’s First Holiday Edition Collector Doll sure to dazzle and delight Rainbow High fans this holiday season. Kids will love Roxie Grand, this special holiday edition doll, who graced the halls with gorgeous fashions like this crystal-encrusted gown she designed herself adorned with 683 rhinestones.

Children also love her diamond jewelry and accessories, and her shiny hair. Parents love those Rainbow High dolls good for creative and stylish, holiday fantasy game. $59.99

Star Wars Lo-La59 (Grandma) Animatronic Edition

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

Star Wars L0-La59 (Grandma) Animatronic Edition Kids are allowed to bring home a beloved droid companion inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi live-action series.

Kids will love touching the sensor on L0-LA59’s head to activate more than 45 different combinations of light, sound, and movement through 3 play modes. Then open Companion Mode by attaching the L0-LA59 legs and Hover Mode by attaching his stand, or On the Go Mode by removing him from any base.

Parents will love that he even responds to background noises with a series of lights, sounds, and movements and includes a figure and two stands to reenact kids’ favorite scenes and create their own. Star Wars holiday adventures. $56.99

LEGO Andrea’s Theater School

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

LEGO Andrea’s Theater School a majestic theater perfect for a special holiday gift. It hinges and opens to reveal a stage with 2 backdrops, orchestra and balcony seating, dressing room, props room, lights rigging, and 4 mini-dolls.

Kids will love building this realistic theater and pretend play to create a holiday production of their own. Kids will also love that this acting school set has instructions for the digital age and the interactive guide allows kids to zoom, rotate and view their 3D model as they build.

Parents love that creative play takes center stage as children recreate various theater works and show time entertainment. $99.99

The Lovevery Play Kits

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

The Lovevery Play Kits remains Lovevery’s most popular offering and with good reason. Parents will love these kits full of stage play essentials for your child’s brain development.

With The Play Kits, subscribers aged 0-12 months get free access to the Lovevery App. Play Kits subscribers also have the option to add book bundles, which are available with each Play Kit ($18 per Bundle). Starting at $80 per kit

FAO Schwarz FAO-abulous Style Runway

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

FAO Schwarz FAO-abulous Style Runway features everything kids need to put on their own holiday fashion show.

Children will love the many playgrounds such as the runway stage; dressing room and designer wardrobe; hair and make-up area; pretend shop; light-up runway; and two-sided curtain fabric to create, stage and star in their own fashion show.

Parents will love the fun to play alone or with siblings and friends and it’s easy to assemble and use. $83.99


Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

Superspace is the magnetic modular play space that allows children to play with larger-than-life magnetic tiles made of felt. Whether indoors or out, kids will love how easy it is to use the auto connect magnets to connect the panels in any way, build almost anything with them and then use them for hours of play.

Parents love that this STEM type toy expands children’s imagination and creativity, increasing right brain function. It is also made from eco/recycled materials; durable and washable; and easy to pack and store. $299

American Girl Claudie Doll and Angelo’s Bakery

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

American Girl Claudie Doll and Angelo’s Bakery is a super sweet, splurge gift and a perfect recipe for holiday happiness. The beautifully crafted, three-panel authentic bakery features 360° play options to accompany AG’s newest historical character, Claudie, who grew up during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance.

Kids will love that this bakery features a realistic built-in oven, tiered bakery case, checkout counter, prep table, and three-level bakery cart to really run the bakery business.

Parents will love having all the ingredients for delicious pretend play, including lots of kitchen tools, cooking items, and pretend food for great play value. $295

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Holiday Splurge Gifts 2022

the Nintendo Switch – OLED model sure to be a holiday favorite with its large, vibrant 7-inch OLED screen with vivid colors and crisp contrast.

Kids love that the OLED model allows players to experience improvements in all three play modes: TV mode; Tabletop mode; and Handheld mode and that the system’s 7-inch OLED screen provides vivid color and crisp contrast.

Parents will love that it is compatible with the entire library of Nintendo Switch games. They also like that the Nintendo Switch family of systems has parental controls that let adults manage the content their kids can access. $349

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