Home Gym Status and Wall Closet Decisions

I’m heading to the finish line in our home gym, even if you could see the room right now (which I’m about to show you), you wouldn’t think this room was nearly finished. Let’s just say that for the last three days or so, the room felt like a tornado had passed through it.

I haven’t installed the Swedish ladder yet, so it takes up a lot of floor space. Then I had to buy some trims and bring them. There are leftovers from the closet floor project, and the dresser makeover project. It’s a mess, but I’ll clean it up today. I have to because Matt needs to have access to the bathroom tomorrow morning, and through our home gym is the only way to the bathroom right now.

I ordered four frames from Michael’s to go with the two I bought at the store so I could hang six prints on the high wall to the right just inside the door. Four frames arrived, and four were broken or destroyed. The glass was broken in two of them, the frame frames were broken in three, and the fourth frame had no corner protectors on it, so while it didn’t break in transit, all the corners were broken. I think if I mix and match the pieces, I can salvage a whole frame with glass and mat, and that’s when I’m ready to wood glue one of the broken frames. So that was very disappointing.

The plywood cutout I ordered for the opposite wall is supposed to be there now. Hopefully it will come in one piece.

I spent a lot of time reading all of your comments on yesterday’s post, and came up with a plan for the closet space. And I have one! I think it’s a solid plan, but not any of the three I’ve suggested. This is actually a different plan than many of you have suggested, and which I haven’t thought of yet. That’s why I love crowdsourcing for ideas! ๐Ÿ˜€

The plan is to paint the entire closet – side walls, main wall, and maybe even the ceiling – a solid color, but not a color chosen from the stripes in the main part of the room. This is a different solid color that you may have suggested.

So I went to Home Depot to pick a paint color based on the suggestion many of you gave, and I got Limousine Leather. Yes, that’s right. It is black. In fact, it is blacker than black. Literally.

I narrowed it down to Black and Limousine Leather, and I asked the guy at the paint desk if he could tell me the difference between the formulas for the two colors because they are so similar. He said the difference is that the Limousine Leather has more black on it than Black. ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought that seemed a little ironic, but there it is. Limousine Leather is darker than Black.

But before I could paint, I had to get in there and do some sanding. Since I taped and painted the stripes on the side walls, I couldn’t just paint over them because the taped areas (ie, the little white stripes) would show under the solid coat paint. So before painting, I had to clean the surfaces. I made a mess, as you can see from the carpet, but I have full confidence that it will all be vacuumed easily.

And also before painting, I need to install the ceiling lights. I still need to cut holes in the drywall for the lights, so dusting the drywall needs to be done before painting the walls black. Can you imagine the mess if I paint first, and then create drywall dust next to a freshly painted black wall? Anyway, I’m glad to finally have these lights installed!

Here’s what the lights look like when they’re on, at least for now. I’m sure painting the walls black will have an effect on how bright the lights look.

So that’s all I got yesterday. You’ll have to check in on Monday to see what it looks like when it’s all painted. I think it looks great! This is the only solid color that makes sense to me, and I’m so glad so many of you suggested it. That teal just doesn’t work for me, and it’s the only one of those stripe colors that I can imagine using so much. But it seems that the black just moved in my mind. I sure hope it turns out as good in real life as it looks in my mind! ๐Ÿ˜€

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