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The future Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC, Happy Paradise at Home, is set to add a lot of decoration to the regular routine of the players by introducing the new work of the holiday home designer. The game’s first paid DLC will add many game mechanics to the Animal Crossing experience and will be released for $ 24.99 along with New Horizons’ 2.0 update on November 5. The DLC almost acts like a stand-alone experience with players not building their islands but instead doing work on a separate archipelago designing vacation spots for islanders.

Now players have finally become the HGTV interior decorator of their dreams, and with so much at their disposal, learning the ropes is necessary to successfully integrate the dream theme of each villager. Players will work with Lottie and her assistants, Niko and Wardell, to create immersive experiences with a variety of in-game objects. Animal Crossing known for. When done, players will be paid hotel money, Poki, which can be exchanged for furniture and other items to be returned to their island and surprise the villagers.

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While the same title and gameplay on the Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, The trailer released by Nintendo for the DLC provides a more concrete overview of what fans can expect Happy Paradise at Home add to New Worlds. It covers everything from how to drop furniture to using Amiibo cards so that even if players don’t have a copy of the original 3DS game, they can still jump in and figure out the ropes. Here’s a quicker rundown, though, of what players need to know about the workflow (and rewards) of becoming a home designer. Animal Crossingnew tourist destination.

How to Start Working at Animal Crossing: A Happy Paradise at Home

After purchasing and installing the DLC, players may notice that nothing has changed on their main island, but that’s okay- Happy Home Paradise occurs in a different chain of islands from New Worlds, so it’s natural that players will have to contact Orville on Dodo Airlines to begin the trip to Lottie’s resort. After Lottie introduces herself and the role of being a designer, players will walk across the resort entrance to find potential applicants. They will interview the islanders to see what kind of decorations they like, choose an island from the island chain, and visit the house to start decorating the interior and exterior.

Build and Vacation Homes on the Islands in the Animal Crossing DLC

Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Maple

After choosing which location from Happy Paradise at Home to customize, the first job of the players is to place furniture inside the house with a theme to the given desires of the islander. There are a few specific themes featured in the trailer, such as mushroom, arcade, bear, bell, and space, and each has some necessary furniture that many will place in one place in the room. From there, wallpaper, soundscapes, lighting, and other furniture options can be used to add a personal touch. Even if there is no information in the trailer about what furniture will be available, there is enough specific theme to create many unique homes even with the specific needs of the villagers. Fortunately, everything added to the free DLC is also available for villagers ’plots, so placing shelves and ceiling lamps is likely to help make each village’s home unique.

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The size of the house will change and there will be many new exteriors added to the DLC Animal Crossing villages. Happy Home Paradise also increases the ability to create wall partitions to separate rooms into small subarea. After decorating and placing the furniture inside, the outdoor area can be customized as well. In addition to placing furniture outdoors, there are ways to make fences and plant trees. The houses are movable and droppable so they can be in the front and center or hidden in an alcove. Players don’t have to worry if everything isn’t perfect on the first try, as there is always the ability to remodel the house later in the line.

Designing Resort Facilities At Happy Home Paradise

How much does the Animal Crossing DLC ​​cost?

In addition to being decked out in the villagers ’houses, there are also plenty of facilities and public spaces that can be filled with things. They range from schools to hospitals to restaurants and everyone has unique furniture and wallpaper. Like houses, players have full control over where to place items and what themed items to place. New Horizons’ customized buildings. When finished, more residents will show up and interact with the scenes on display, meaning new dialogue boxes and animations will occur depending on what the players have designed in the space.

Poki And How To Buy Items From Lottie’s Store

Animal Crossing New Universe Happy Home Paradise Poki

Poki is a special currency that can only be used to purchase items from the resort. After a job, Lottie will pay players for their work in a new form of money that will be available on furniture and chocolate in the lobby. If you check out the lobby, there are small stands with unique items that can only be purchased at Poki.

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Buying these items will work just like Nook’s Cranny with Bells does – just go to the item, press A, and then confirm the purchase. Players can also bring home chocolates to get the villagers off their island to have fun and buy a vacation home on the island chain, meaning more within Animal Crossing for the players to get through.

Using Amiibo Figures And Cards To Decorate A Villager’s Favorite Home

Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Paradise at Home

If there is a specific villager who has not yet reached the main island, players can use a separately purchased Amiibo card or number to design a vacation home for them. In Lottie’s office, there is a phone with the Amiibo logo on the front. Talk to them and scan the villager to design a house without having to play random villager roulette to find them. This feature also allows players to design houses for characters who don’t appear as villagers, such as Isabelle and Tom Nook. The new Series 5 Animal Crossing Amiibo cards can match the game and numbers available New Worlds likely to get more content – so Rover, Cyrus, Reese, and KK could all have unique home -designed layouts.

Happy Paradise at Home a great addition for fans who want to try their hand at new themes while not completely renovating their island. It also allows people to see new Animal Crossing villagers which was not on their island before. After working for a while, players still get the option of using the design skills they learned on their main island, which means they can remodel buildings from the base game. There’s a serious amount of content and creative control given by the new DLC to players so working on Lottie’s resort is probably what fans need to put in their next hundreds of hours. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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