Hotel Garuda Reunites To Enter "Time to sweat" With Remix by Nelly Furtado "Say It Right"

Manila Killa checks in again Garuda Hotel.

Good news that longtime fans may not have been on their radar, despite a recent announcement made via Instagram this week, it was revealed that the reunited duo have been secretly working on a new project for at least the past seven months. “This time is different,” their statement read in part as they teased the dawn of a new era. “Summer is coming.”

Fans didn’t have to wait long to decode what the duo really meant by the last part as they quickly followed it up with a remix of Nelly Furtado’s Grammy Award-winning hit, “Say It Right.”

The passionate single jumps to the races with a relentless hard dance beat while receiving a tonal uplift from melodic pluck synths. The track preserves the original call-and-response vocal structure of Furtado’s 2006 original while adding a flurry of driving dance synths that make for an unexpectedly catchy combination.

The release marks the first single the duo has dropped since splitting in 2018.



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