How Beautiful Henry Cavill (& His Mustache) is as an Invincible Omni-Man

Waking up to the Infinite season 1 finale, BossLogic envisioned live-action characters-including Henry Cavill (and mustache) as Omni-Man.

Digital artist BossLogic celebrated the Invincible end of season 1 by imagining live-action characters-including Henry Cavill (mustache and all) as Omni-Man. Produced by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, the saga began life as a comic book series that began between 2003 and 2018. It was recently adapted into an animated series by Amazon Studios. Premiering in March, Invincible there are famous voices like JK Simmons, Sandra Oh, Walton Goggins, Zachary Quinto, and Gillian Jacobs. It also stars Steven Yeun as the titular Invincible (aka Mark Grayson). The end of Invincible season 1 released on April 29, 2021.

Despite the animated series sweeping popularity and critical acclaim, talk of a live-action adaptation remains. Back in 2017, a version of the film was announced, with Point Gray Pictures and Kirkman’s own Skybound Entertainment producing it. This is also confirmed Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will write and direct, no doubt following the success of both violent and dark comedy adaptations as The Boys. Despite the emergence of the series (which was also done by Kirkman executive with showrunner Simon Racioppa), the work on the film remains moving. As of January 2021, Kirkman also confirmed that the project is still in progress with Rogen and Goldberg also included.

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Popular digital artist BossLogic has already taken the initiative and started fan-casting in various roles. He envisioned Cavill’s adaptation to include the part of the alien superhero and Mark’s father Omni-Man. Posting on Twitter, he even offers a description of what the specific casting looks like. Characteristic splashes of blood and eyes burning in a frightening red, BossLogic ages Cavill until it fits the role. In addition, he uses Cavill’s famous mustache from years ago to really blow up the character’s exact look. View:

The actor has enjoyed various roles over the years, operating among countless different franchises. As a result, despite some less well -received, Cavill got a lot of love from fans around the world. More notably, that love began its turn as Clark Kent (aka Superman) inside Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies. However, his work as Geralt of Rivia, Sherlock Holmes, and the villain August Walker have proven to be equally loved for a variety of reasons. It starred later in Mission: Impossible – Fallout producing the famous “Mustachegate”. After the request to shave it was rejected by Paramount, attempts to remove it resulted in some cunning CGI in the theatrical version of Justice League. The move has sparked a great deal of ridicule and countless memes – including the idea that the resurrected Superman should be unspeakably said to have facial hair.

The same Cavill and Omni-Man with the same signature mustache, obviously just a coincidence. However, it has proven to be smart on the part of BossLogic and will increase Cavill’s meta-ness in the role. After all, Nolan Grayson shares much of the same power as Clark Kent. Similarly, he has the same heritage – that of extraterrestrial origin but operating on Earth. As fans know, though, Omni-Man (still competing The Boys‘Homelander) little in the way of the natural goodness and manners of Clark Kent. As such, Cavill’s play in an obvious counterpoint to one of his most famous roles is very interesting. Making him sporty is different to facial hair that he can’t be like Superman, though, can add to that and be all sorts of fun. If the live-action is Invincible will happen, and Cavill will indeed be considered for the part, will continue to be seen.

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Origin: BossLogic

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