How Boss and Allison Holker Danced Their Way Into Our Hearts

What else would you expect from a crew that the beginning story begins with You Think You Can Dance set 11 years ago?

That’s when contemporary dancer Holker, eighth place finishes the second season of SYTYCD and freestyle hip-hop specialist Boss, the runner-up from season four, was tapped to return to the studio as all-stars, in the first year the series featured famous contestants from last dance in current harvest.

One can argue the whole raison d’etre of the series about bringing to life love stories, whether real or believed to be made for the stage through useless choreography and a meaningful, romantic look. spending and A Great World ballad tossed for good measure.

But Utah -born Holker doesn’t need a soundtrack or some good stuff to fall hard for Alabama native Boss, 38. “I think he’s the cutest guy,” he said. remembered in Spirit of Dancing in 2012 of the initial feeling in the intestine. “His personality is so fun.”

He, in turn, found himself shifted in his performances (“I cried twice,”) and I was definitely impressed that “he caught me checking out the hallway,” he admits. “Ingon, bad, “he allowed.

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