How Eden’s Promise Attack Opened in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV recently updated to patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten. This update brings all sorts of new features. Many job classes have received changes, especially the Monk class that no longer have to worry about their Grease Lightning mechanic, it is now a passive character that is often used in battle. To test some of these new developments, players may face challenges such as Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy VII and new main story search for Shadow bearers.

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Arrive with this patch in the third part and end of the Eden attack series based around Final Fantasy VIII (and there are many classic music tracks, most of which can be added to player estate/apartment orchestras). The Promise of Eden not only continues the story of Ryne and Gaia, but how the raid interacts with others larger. Shadow bearers line in the plot.


Same as previous rating on FFXIV, the opening of Eden’s Promise raid requires certain conditions to be fulfilled before it can begin. These conditions include certain quests that must be completed and a level of object that is a requirement for access to the raid. To get started, players must first complete FFXIV 5.3 story searchCrystal Reflections“and the Chronicle of a New Era quest”Worlds Outside.”Once these quests are completed, players can travel to Amh Araeng and talk to Yalfort. While talking to Yalfort, players can choose to “Void Promises”Seeking to open the invasion of Eden.

How the Promise of Eden Opens in Final Fantasy XIV

As with other endgame level 80 puzzles, players must already complete the main story quest. Shadow bearers. For Eden’s Promise players have to go through all postgame content for patches Vows of Virtues, Acts of Violence (5.1), Echoes of a Fallen Star (5.2), and Crystal Reflections (5.3). The specific ending main story search will also share the name of the 5.3 patch. In addition, players must also complete all eight fights The Gate of Eden Normal and Normal Verse of Eden (Savage is not necessary). It can start from the Worried Crystarium Guard (X: 10, Y: 12 in the Crystarium) which will provide the quest In the Middle Left. After defeating the Verse of Eden: Refulgence there is a new quest from Yalfort (X: 27, Y: 17 in Amh Araeng) called Void Promises. Completing it will allow players to face the first battle for raid sa FFXIV, Promise of Eden: Umbra.

Wars of Eden and Equipment of Final Fantasy XIV

Cloud of Darkness Edens Promise version of Final Fantasy XIV

The Normal version of Eden’s Promise drops the item level by 510 tokens for different equipment slots. It is weaker than Tomestone on the tools of Revelation (item level 520-530), but even better than Tomestones of Allegory (item level 490-500). Only one token from each of the four fights can be earned per week (reset every Tuesday 03:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, 08:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time). A marker is required for belts or any of the four accessory slots; two for the rudder, gloves, or boots; and four are required for the chest or pants. This means up to a five-week minimum of fully collecting the token to put on a job. Equipment can be obtained from Yhal Yal in Eulmore or Ghul Gul in Amh Araeng.

The Savage version will drop a treasure chest that can be rolled by eight party members. By default it could be two containers, but if one-four players are out of the fight that week it could be one container; five to eight players can prevent any fall from the ark. The containers are not assigned to any job, and instead produce item level 530 equipment for a player’s current job when exhausted. Defeating a Savage battle will also provide apocrypha that can be used as welfare currency for specific item slots. Four apocryphs are required for accessories or equipment upgrades in Revelation; six for rudders, gloves, belts, or boots; and eight for weapons (five and three for Paladin sword and shield, respectively), chest, or trousers.

Promise of Eden: Umbra

This war will fight the party against The Cloud of Darkness, a rendition of Final Fantasy III boss using his form from Final Fantasy of Dissidia. He uses three different forms and switches between them throughout the fight. Deluge of Darkness deals a lot of damage throughout the room that healers need to prepare. In this mode the boss will telegraph the attacks using The Art of Darkness, just moving away from his side clearly moving. In Empty Plane mode there are danger zones directly under the boss and in every corner of the arena. Also call Cloud adds, that if they contact the boss, he will buff. For Obscure Woods, tethers will be attached to players. Stand near the area of ​​the impact markers where the tethers lay eggs, wait for them to move on the cords, and then run to cut them. Failure to do so results in immediate death.

Promise of Eden: Litany

This fight is against The Shadowkeeper, a twisted version of Cerberus. The Forward Shadow Implosion will unleash a large attack on the opposite side of the boss’s shadow. Don’t be confused by how to turn the enemy, just think of the actual independent shadow to figure out how to escape. Backwards Shadow Implosion is the opposite, the attack comes out of the shadow itself, but the boss’s orientation is not a factor. If it uses Shadow Warrior three clones will appear, but only one will be tied. See where it moves and stand behind it to avoid the next attack. If it uses Voidgate, both players must stand each in the area of ​​the impact spaces to absorb the damage. Losing any of these can cause great damage to the room and debug the whole party attack.

Promise of Eden: Anamorphosis

This battle against Fatebreaker uses a combination of skills and motives from Thancred and Ran’jit. Its attacks will change based on whether they are currently used fire or lightning-based attacks. For example, with Burnt Strike the attack will fall (and may disappear from the arena) with fire, but will create a nearby large area with a lightning effect. Another variation is Bound in Faith: fire will create a stack marker that players must collect to divide the damage, while with lightning a player will receive ongoing damage that requires the full attention of the doctor or risk of death. The final fire/lightning mechanic is Turn of Heavens, which will unleash large overhead attacks on the dominant element, but smaller on the other element. This means during a fire, safe zones are in between lightning strikes; while in lightning mode the safe zones are next to the fire marker.

The Promise of Eden: Eternity

This final interaction will feature Ascian Mitron from the paper quests. The boss primarily imitates the various main images placed in the back of the room, usually two at the same time. Leviathan hit two parallel sides of the arena, Gardua on the four -point fan, Ifrit most of the map expects two small wedges, and Ramuh in the dead center. With Shiva the floor becomes ice, making them slide when trying to move. Some players have standard damage markers that mean they need to spread, while one has a stack marker to spread damage. The Titan will do raid-wide damage first, followed by two sets of bombs. Stand for the second set and wait for the first to explode, and then move to new safe zones to avoid the second set to explode. The boss himself will release the tank busters of the two highest enemy players, so the off-tanks must be sure to maintain the tank stance if they fall in third place or below.

It’s worth noting that players will need a minimum item level of 455, which players can reach by grabbing the live 480 item from the market board. Neo Ishardian gear costs less and can also be added to Eulmore to increase the level of their item to 490. To do that, players must sell the piece of meat they want to add and two Rain under sea ​​to receive Augmented Neo-Ishgardian equipment. If players are a little gil, they can exchange tomestones for the highest level of use of the item they can use. FFXIV players can also get items from YorHa Dark Apocalypse raid, ”Puppet Bunker”In the fall of the gear has an item level of 490.

Players who are able to take the last spot will get a Blade of Lost Antiquity, four of which can be awarded with the Tomestone of Revelations to Ghul Gal or Yhal Yal for a new weapon. One can also unlock the Savage version of the raid series, and fight a special battle against the second story Ascian Loghrif. He provides the most powerful primary weapon of all Shadow bearers, which will serve the players until likely fourth Final Fantasy XIV expansion releases.

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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers now available on PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

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