How Exactly the Cause of Hawkeye’s Phase 4 Suit in His Comics Costume

Images from the MCU Hawkeye set show Jeremy Renner’s new costume before Clint Barton’s return to Disney +, and it’s even closer to comic books.

How new is Clint Barton Hawkeye compare the costume to his comic book getup? Jeremy Renner’s time at MCU ended following the events of Avengers: Endgame, which brings the stories of many of the original Avengers to an end. Brought to retire the loss of his family that followed Thanos’s snap, Barton becomes Ronin and helps his fellow heroes restore the universe, finally getting a happy ending with the return of his wife and children. Alas, Hawkeye isn’t destined for a quiet rural life – he’ll ask Disney + Hawkeye TV series, Kate Bishop is shown by Hailee Steinfeld with bow ropes.

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Generally speaking, the MCU has muted the more bizarre costume designs in comic books. Steve Rogers ’Captain America outfit, for example, is getting brighter with every look, while Falcon’s traditional bright white ensemble has taken on a modern mechanical transformation. Hawkeye is yet another to receive a more based, reasonable superhero outfit, often staying in some variation of the black-vest-and-battle-pants combo.

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Recently featured photos from the set Hawkeye, however, prove that that is about to change. In the behind-the-scenes image, the actor now wears purple sleeves, purple detailing from the shoulders to his back, and a purple arrowhead design on the high chest. The new creature is obviously more visually appealing (excluding color variations) than Hawkeye’s MCU wardrobe to date, and many fans have compared the costume to its comic book appearance.

Hawkeye comics

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye The dress remains distinct from the classic clothes her character wore in the 1960s and 1980s. This traditional Hawkeye will offer an obvious bright blue and purple tabard, complete with flared boots and a pointed mask that sometimes has an “H” embellished on the top of the hood. Surprisingly used diversity in this plot in many decades of Hawkeye comics appearances, and it’s a world devoid of the mundane capabilities of MCU. Not surprisingly, the Hawkeye clothing has little resemblance to the earlier comic outfits. Renner’s new tool, however, draws a lot of inspiration from the latest Hawkeye comics appearances, such as Matt Fraction’s 2012 run, and the 2020 “Freefall” series.

The most obvious similarity is the purple arrowhead chest design, which has become a hallmark of Clint Barton’s modern comic book style. The black color of the base remains, and the bright purple detailing of the MCU design reflects the shoulder gear that Hawkeye adopted in “Freefall.” Even if the costume is almost identical otherwise, Renner’s cropped jacket and his longer sleeves represent deviations. the Clint Barton in the comics world wore a top T-shirt paired with gloves and archery apparatus on his arms, but it was replaced by Renner’s sleeveless top. However, the Hawkeye The costume is the most faithful representation of the comic appearance of the MCU character to date.

Hawkeye’s new clothes continue the ever-evolving trend of MCU Disney + output. WandaVision finally given the Scarlet Witch her due superhero outfit after years of making up with a red leather jacket, and Falcon and The Winter Soldier Anthony Mackie was seen delivering a Captain America / Falcon hybrid that closely echoed the comic transformation of his character. Clint Barton finally joined in the festivities. The man who has long been the most blandly-dressed Avenger (except for pre-transformation Bruce Banner, perhaps) now look like his usual self Hawkeye.

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