How Harry Potter Made Hero Fiennes Tiffin ‘Confident and Comfortable’

During a interview with ComingSoon about his latest film, Hero Fiennes Tiffin talks about the impact of his role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is in his career.

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“I think, secretly, it’s very good for me because, for me, the stakes aren’t high – I do it during the days away from school,” Tiffin said, explaining that he really loves . Harry Potter. “But when I was there, Michael Gambon, between picks up, talking about his new Audi RA and just having fun, David Yates was just an amazing guy. And even at that age, I felt that he was at my level, just talking to me as a friend, didn’t feel too much or like I needed it right.And I think that brings me to being in a position, whether I’m auditioning or otherwise more tasks, which are less compelling on my own.

The young actor goes on to describe how being a part of a major franchise early in his career has benefited his confidence and ended up relieving him of some of the pressure surrounding his future career.

“That’s why I thought of doing something very big at such a young age, before I realized how important and how much pressure and how high the stakes are… relax ahead. ”

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Tiffin, who stars in completion franchise in recent years, the most recent to appear in the film First lovea romantic drama now available in theaters and on-demand.

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