How I Met Your Father Star Explains What Makes the Sequel Unique

As for how the new show stacks up with the original series, they say the movies completely different.

Sid, who was a “fan” of the original and said it was “the first sitcom he’s seen,” explained that the writers didn’t try to “make How I Met Your Mom, “they try to make it their” own thing. “

“Honestly, I really think it’s its own,” added Francia. “Now it’s from a female perspective. What I love is that these women are their own women, inspired by their careers. Yes, love is a big part but what I love about you Sophie (Hilary) she’s not ready to change herself. too much for anyone, and if he does, he will quickly return. And I love the friendship between them. “

He continued, “So I think it’s very different. I think there were nuggets we dropped, but they weren’t the same.”

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